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Company Profile

Perfect Renders Multimedia Solutions is a company composed of detail-oriented multimedia artists who strive to explicate their passion for creative art through both photography and videography. We aim to provide you, our clients, top-quality service with the best artists in our roster using cutting-edge equipment, at the most affordable prices.

The Owner

With video editing becoming more than just a hobby as early as freshman high school, Richard Senga established Perfect Renders which carried on to be his thesis while taking up BS Entrepreneurship at the University of Santo Tomas. Deciding to tread the path of the entrepreneur after graduating last 2010, he continued the business where not only can he provide service, but also supply a source of income for struggling artists who share the same sentiment. Perfect Renders is his haven – a place where work is not defined in it’s conventional interpretation, but where work is the passion to living life to the fullest!

To constantly take Perfect Renders to the next level, he constantly does research, attend seminars, watch online tutorials and participate in online forums concerning photography, videography and motion graphics. In his leisure time, he maintains a personal blog that revolves around the local food scene, Japanese culture, music, computer games, techno gadgets and a lot more at The Fooie Geek.

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