Corporate : Forensic Odontology Society of the Philippines

Forensic Odontology Society of the Philippines

Note: This article is posted under the Private category, indicating the final output of this project with the respective client is not available for public viewing as per their request.

We produced a nine-minute corporate video for the Forensic Odontology Society of the Philippines, or FOSP, containing a brief summary of its history from its conception in 2010 up to its current projects being undertaken this 2013.


  • Angelica Syvel - 16/11/13 -

    how can we view the video?

  • Chad - 10/02/14 -

    Hi, Angelica! Unfortunately, the video is posted under the ‘Private’ category and therefore, cannot be viewed publicly as requested by the client.

  • karl quilang - 02/03/14 -

    Is there a masters degree offered here in the philippines for forensic dentistry?

  • luigi - 24/03/14 -

    Hi,i am looking for some information about Philippines forensic u know who brought this science to the Philippines for first time?

  • Lieutenant Kintanar - 29/08/15 -

    Can you please suggest to me on where could I find schools abroad that offers Forensic Odontology Coarse? And that offers scholarship program for government uniformed serviceman.

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