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Lilim ng Limayon

“In a town during the hot summer, gossip spread like fire.” Lilim ng Limayon- an indie film my colleagues from Tomasino Cable Television and I produced in an attempt to join the Cinemalaya 2009. This is the film’s trailer.

Cast: Vic Tiro (Ka Emong), Judee Bendiola (Lina), Benj Federis (Benjie), Gian Caluag (Anton), , Gie Fallorina (Arlene), Shelene Rena (Lydia), Glenn Malabanan (Bert) and Louie Dondiego (Nino)

Staff: Ives Domopoy (Executive Producer), Ken Tan (Director), Chad Senga (Cinematographer, Editor), Kaye Pulumbarit (Scriptwriter), Eryson Rodriguez (Photographer / Graphic Design), Majo dela Cruz (Production Design)

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